Hatchlings will have PREMIUM services, yes! :3 We are currently making a list of services we want to have. If you have ideas, please write them in the "Comments Please?" section. Here's the list so far:
-access to exotic pets
-able to travel to Yuthron Isle, which has special items + pets
-able to be part of the teams & points system, allowing them to get rewards

The list isn't impressive yet but we are still brainstorming.

We are debating on the prices. We want to be able to charge any of the following:
-50 cents ( USD )
-10 000 Hatchling Credits (points)
-5 000 Howrse Equus
-1 GM or 2000 euro on Petz4fun
-500 000 Neopoints
It isn't decided if all or just one of those will be available. If possible we will try to make it so you can cash in money from almost any site to become a premium! If there is a site not on that list (note: Gaia Online and 3D virtual worlds are not accepted) that are pets games, please say so. :3 Also if you believe something too pricey please speak up. The cost is determined by how hard it is to get points. For example, it's not easy to get 1 000 00 neopoints, and it's not hard to get 500 000. We want something in the middle. :3